Dragon Nest - The Next Dragon Nest: Skill Effect & Video!!

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This article was shared by sync08 from Guild Freedom.

*More info for each new class will be updated in here.

* Skill video for new job added by chaose5. 

Skill name according to their order of appearance in the video (my guess): 

Artillery : Magic Breeze, Detonating Arrow
Guardian: Guardian Force
Majesty: Nine Tail Laser, Gravity ball EX, Gravity Switch
Barbarian: Bone Crash
Wind Walker: Rising Storm
Marauder: Flash Stance
Tempest: Hurricane Dance
Marauder: Moon Blade Dance
Guardian: Justice Crash

Inquisitor's Skill Video (credits to Potal3198)
Skill in the video: Consecration, Lighting Arrow EX.

Smasher's Skill Video (credits to Potal3198)
Skill in the video: Arcane, Laser Cutter, Homing Beam

Smasher solo Manticore video:

Majesty solo Sea Dragon video:

Gladiator's Skill Video(credits to Potal3198)
Skills: Finishing Attack, Triple Slash EX, Evasion Slash

Salamanda's Skill Video: Rolling Lava
Skill damage: 788%+6852
CD: 47sec

Undine Skill Video
Ice Barrier, Ice Spear. 

Tempest Skill Video
Hurricane Dance, Kick Shot EX

Wind Walker Skill Video
Show Time, Rising Storm, Spiral Kick EX

The video shows the power of "Show Time" buff. Note that it is a self-buff. 

Crusader Skill Video : Solo Manticore Nest

Saint Skill Video:

Relic of Lighting EX


Various skill video in Korean Test Server

Translation provided by chaose5:

New Town, Lotus Marsh and 5 New Dungeons will be released. Second Job Advance will be introduced and level cap extended to lv50

Equipment system will be improved. Leader Mode will be introduced in the PVP Arena. Farm system will be enhanced. 

20 New main quests, 50 side quests and 50 guild quests will be added. 

Level Cap will be extended to lv50. At lvl45, second job advance can be performed. After 2nd job advance, new skills can be learned. 

Mercenary and Force User skill tree will be modified. 

Tier 3 Job Skill Translation

Sword Master:
* Gladiator
- Evasion Slash: Rotate backwards to avoid enemy and launch an attack. Can be trigger during any skill motion with jump key. 
- Triple Slash EX: Enhanced version of triple slash. New attack combo by using right clicking instead of left clicking. 
- Finishing Attack: Knock down your enemy and deal finishing blow. 

* Marauder 
- Moon Blade Dance: Junp and deal quick 5 diagonal slashes in the air. 
- Moonlight Splinter EX: Enhanced version of moonlight splinter, with improved AOE.
- Flash Stance: Drawing the sword quickly to launch long range attack by left-clicking. 

* Barbarian
- Heat Combo: Chance to inflict additional phy. damage. 
- Stomp EX: Enhanced version of Stomp, with improved AOE and additional damage. 
- Bone Crash: Leap into the air and deal heavy damage. Additional damage will be inflicted for a certain duration. 

* Destroyer 
- Breaking Point: Chance to break enemy superarmor and deal critical hits. 
- Flying Swing EX: Enhanced flying swing, deal additional aftershock damage. 
- Maelstorm Howl: Suck the enemy around him towards himself and howl to deal heavy damage. 

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