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Title Stats
CBT Master STR:4, AGI:4, INT:4, VIT:4
A True Cleric]
Needs More Cowbell
Adored and Revered
Keyboard Warrior
Pioneer STR:1, AGI:1, INT:1, VIT:1
Dragon Nest founding contributor
Zealous Guild STR:3, AGI:3, INT:3, VIT:3
Legendary Guild
Prince of the Ocean Water Resist:5%, Fire Resist:5%
Lady of the Sea Water Resist:5%, Fire Resist:5%
Do it with a friend VIT:3
Sun Boy Phys Atk:10~10, Magic Atk:10~10, MAX HP:50, MAX MP:50
Beach Treasure Phys Atk:10~10, Magic Atk:10~10, MAX HP:50, MAX MP:50
Mission Master
Immortal DEF:4, M.DEF:4, VIT:1
Fearless immortal DEF:5, M.DEF:5, VIT:2
Combatant Phys Atk:2~2, Magic Atk:2~2
Monster INT:4, DEF:-15, M.DEF:32
Immortal Lv. 3 DEF:17, M.DEF:17, VIT:2
Carderock Savior
Argenta's Slave
Lucky INT:5
Strong Hearted AGI:3, INT:3
Master of Enhancement STR:2, AGI:2, INT:4
God of Enhancement STR:2, AGI:3, INT:5, VIT:2
Minus's hand
Kind of a Big Deal
Combo Addict STR:3, Phys Atk:2~2
Unstoppable Force VIT:4
Sharp Dresser Delay:28
Puppy Lover
Rolling Stone
Cow Fodder
Apprentice VIT:1
Neophyte VIT:2
Completionist STR:2, VIT:2
Rookie VIT:3
Rapid AGI:1, INT:1
Master of Dodging AGI:3
Thunder Swallower Magic Atk:3~3
Dances with Elves STR:2, AGI:4, INT:2
Assassin Assassinator Crit:8, Crit Resist:24
Wind Rider AGI:6, VIT:2
Harpy Hunter INT:3, VIT:3
Unstoppable Crit Resist:17, Stun Resist:17, Delay Resist:8
Gargoyle Conqueror DEF:16, M.DEF:16
Beyond Death STR:-1, AGI:-1, INT:-1, VIT:12
Lunatic Warrior INT:-4, VIT:6, DEF:18, M.DEF:18
Minotaur Butcher STR:6, AGI:-2, INT:-2, VIT:6
Minotaur's Nightmare Phys Atk:4~4, DEF:26, Magic Atk:-1~-1, M.DEF:-6
Tactician STR:3, AGI:3, INT:3
Sprinter STR:-1, AGI:9, INT:-1
Rebel Without a Cause Phys Atk:3~3, Magic Atk:3~3, INT:2, VIT:2
Crushed by Krag
In Need of Practice
Chapel Conqueror VIT:2, Stun Resist:45
Unstoppable AGI:-4, Stun Resist:22, Crit Resist:22, Delay Resist:22
Catacomb Conqueror STR:-1, AGI:-1, INT:-1, VIT:14
Cowbell Carrier DEF:30, M.DEF:-8, INT:-1, VIT:6
Laboratory Conqueror STR:-2, AGI:-2, INT:13, VIT:-2, Fire Atk:1%
Spider hater VIT:1, M.DEF:9, Dark Resist:2%
Cloister Conqueror VIT:2, Crit Resist:48
Quite fast Lv. 2 AGI:3, Crit:31
Ogre Slayer STR:11, AGI:-2, VIT:2
Ogre Hunter STR:4, Crit:10, Stun:10, VIT:2
Hell-spawned Fire Resist:4%, Water Resist:-1%
Grim reaper Light Atk:-1%, Light Def:-1%, Dark Atk:2%, Dark Resist:2%
Center of Sanctuary Conqueror STR:1, AGI:9, INT:1
Berserker STR:6, Crit:31, DEF:-17
Manticore Killer Phys Atk:7~7, Magic Atk:7~7
Manticore Conqueror VIT:10
Manticore Punisher INT:8
Manticore Hunter Crit Resist:7, Stun Resist:7, Delay Resist:3
Manticore Slaughterer M.DEF:18, INT:1, VIT:1
Brutal STR:3, AGI:3, INT:3, VIT:3
Conqueror of Krag
Black Mine Conqueror DEF:56, VIT:2
Fantastic AGI:9, INT:2
Stone Wing Conqueror Phys Atk:11~11, Magic Atk:11~11, DEF:-14, M.DEF:-14
Strong-armed STR:9, AGI:2
Deserted Island Conqueror Crit:57, Crit Resist:14
Flower Wielder Fire Atk:2%, Fire Resist:2%, Water Atk:-1%, Water Resist:-1%
Gargoyle Conqueror INT:11, VIT:3
Undying VIT:11
Mine Conqueror INT:3, VIT:11
Godly Controller Stun Resist:28, Crit Resist:28
Lizardman Killer Phys Atk:18~18, Magic Atk:-4~-4
Morale Booster Phys Atk:-3~-3, Magic Atk:14~14
Fear Subduer Light Def:-1%, Dark Resist:5%
Challenger of Darkness Light Atk:4%, Dark Atk:-1%
No Openings Crit Resist:71
Picturesque Fire Resist:-1%, Water Resist:4%
Submerged Ruin Conqueror Fire Atk:-1%, Water Atk:5%
Speedy STR:2, AGI:8
Daredevil STR:9, Stun Resist:5, Crit Resist:5, Delay Resist:3
Veteran STR:4, AGI:4, INT:4
Gladiator STR:4, AGI:4, INT:4, VIT:4
Legendary Quartet Phys Atk:-4~-4, Magic Atk:-4~-4, DEF:56, M.DEF:56
100 out of 100 VIT:6
Master Strategist VIT:9
The God of BPhys Atkle VIT:12
100 Cutter Phys Atk:3~3, Magic Atk:3~3
1000 Cutter Phys Atk:4~4, Magic Atk:4~4
The God of Death Phys Atk:7~7, Magic Atk:7~7
Brawler INT:2, VIT:2
Cage Fighter INT:3, VIT:3
Hunter INT:4, VIT:4
Champion INT:4, VIT:5
Conqueror INT:6, VIT:6
Vicious Warrior INT:7, VIT:6
BPhys Atkle Veteran INT:8, VIT:7
Master of Violence INT:8, VIT:8
War God INT:10, VIT:10
Legendary INT:15, VIT:15
Forever Smiling
Poochum Puncher
Savior STR:1, VIT:3
Angelic Puppet Light Atk:2%, Dark Atk:-1%
Extractor AGI:2, INT:2
The Master STR:-1, AGI:4, INT:4, VIT:-1
Team Player Phys Atk:3~3, Magic Atk:3~3
Group Thinker Phys Atk:4~4, Magic Atk:4~4, DEF:-8, M.DEF:-8
Fearless Phys Atk:12~12, Magic Atk:12~12, DEF:-16, M.DEF:-16, VIT:-4
Suicidal Phys Atk:16~16, Magic Atk:16~16, DEF:-25, M.DEF:-25, VIT:-7
Careless VIT:-2, INT:7
Totally Pwned VIT:2, DEF:7, M.DEF:7
Warrior Whacker DEF:48, M.DEF:-8
Archer Phys Atkacker Phys Atk:7~7, Magic Atk:-1~-1
Sorceress Slayer DEF:-8, M.DEF:48
Cleric Condemner Light Def:2%
Charger Delay:20, Delay Resist:20
Scout AGI:2, VIT:1
Visitor Crit:4, Crit Resist:18
Smooth Criminal DEF:4, M.DEF:4, INT:2
Dreadnought Water Atk:0.4%, Water Resist:0.4%
Heavy Hitter Crit:14, Stun:14, Delay:-8
Ambush Defuser Crit Resist:10, Stun Resist:10
High Priest of Awesome Light Atk:1%, Light Def:1%
Dances with Gobfrey INT:-4, VIT:5, Delay Resist:27
Catacomb Master Dark Atk:1%, Dark Resist:1%
Maverick STR:5, AGI:5, INT:-4
Laboratory Master INT:4, Stun Resist:8
Web-tangled STR:11, AGI:-2, Crit Resist:-11
Cloister Master DEF:-10, Fire Atk:1%, Water Resist:1%
Reckless Crit Resist:12, Stun Resist:12, Delay Resist:12
Survivor STR:6, INT:6, VIT:-6
Nobility STR:8, AGI:-4, INT:-4, VIT:8
Quick as Lightning AGI:8
Noble INT:8
Impatient AGI:8, Crit Resist:-3, Stun Resist:-3, Delay Resist:-3
Rank-crazy INT:10, VIT:-2
Speedy AGI:3, VIT:3
Thrill Seeker Crit Resist:18, Stun Resist:18
Mysterious DEF:-9, M.DEF:54
Black Mine Master DEF:46, M.DEF:-7
Huffer and Puffer Light Def:1%, Dark Resist:1%
Marvelous STR:-2, INT:-2, VIT:12
Roll Master Phys Atk:10~10, Magic Atk:10~10, DEF:-24, M.DEF:-24
Flower picker STR:4, Phys Atk:2~2, DEF:10
Speedy clicker Magic Atk:3~3, Crit:20
Assassin VIT:-4, Crit:62
Miner STR:3, VIT:3, M.DEF:18, INT:-3
The ultimate survivor DEF:13, M.DEF:13, VIT:3
Pro Timed Phys Atkacker AGI:7
Resilient Crit Resist:8, Stun Resist:8, Delay Resist:26
Wind Fighter Stun:36
Iron-willed VIT:8
Deadly Accurate Delay:36
Dodge Maniac VIT:-8, INT:17
Final Sprinter STR:6, AGI:6, Crit Resist:-7, Stun Resist:-7, Delay Resist:-7
Fine Evader INT:9
Ba-ba-ba-BAM Fire Resist:2%
Decent Controller Phys Atk:10~10, Crit:46, VIT:-9
The Forsaken Friend
Goblin Trainer
Goblin Hero
Cloth Chaser
The Poocum Whisperer
Combo Master STR:6, Phys Atk:5~5
Combo God STR:8, Phys Atk:7~7
Monster Chaser
Hell Conqueror Phys Atk:22~22, Magic Atk:22~22, MAX HP:-127, MAX MP:-127
Fierce Dog Conqueror Fire Resist:5%, Water Resist:-2%
Immortal DEF:57, M.DEF:57
The Atrocious MAX HP:203, MAX MP:203, AGI:7
Orc Hunter VIT:2, STR:2
The master outcast INT:15, DEF:50
Beyond impossible STR:7, AGI:7, INT:7, VIT:7
The good, the bad, and the ugly STR:9, INT:7, VIT:8
Very very special Phys Atk:19~19, AGI:7
Maverick Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24
Running only looking forward Crit:34, Stun:34
Defeated lag AGI:7, Delay Resist:29
Light-speed Light Atk:3%, STR:8, VIT:-5
Bold Fire Atk:3%, STR:5
Speedy Phys Atk:12~12, Crit Resist:-5
Watchman DEF:-24, Magic Atk:12~12, AGI:7
Very able STR:6, DEF:41, Stun Resist:36
Ogre Tamer DEF:59, M.DEF:59
White Paper MAX HP:-160, Crit:51, Crit Resist:10
Neighborhood Bully DEF:61, STR:11, AGI:7
Sprinter INT:10, AGI:10, Delay Resist:32
Longing for youth INT:11, DEF:17, MAX HP:-195
Forest Dark Atk:5%, STR:-11, Magic Atk:17~17
Bomb Defuser VIT:10, Phys Atk:10~10
Survival Instinct Phys Atk:15~15, Magic Atk:15~15, Crit Resist:-16, Stun Resist:-16
Survivor STR:6, MAX HP:195, DEF:62
Infinite Water Resist:4%, Crit:39
Bounty Hunter VIT:-7, INT:18, STR:13
Violent STR:11, AGI:11, Phys Atk:19~19, INT:-8
Elite Miner DEF:78, M.DEF:78, VIT:13
Lonely DEF:-66, AGI:10, VIT:11
Ghost Buster INT:13, STR:12
Green Horn Despair AGI:24, VIT:17
Loyal DEF:79, INT:20
Exorcist Phys Atk:-13~-13, Magic Atk:31~31, DEF:-68, M.DEF:-68
Tough STR:16, Stun:-33
Savior STR:22, VIT:17, Phys Atk:13~13
Miraculous Fire Atk:4%, Fire Resist:4%, Water Atk:6%, Water Resist:6%
Siege Weapon INT:22, VIT:15, Magic Atk:20~20
Idiot Stun:47, Crit:60, INT:-9
Tunnel Destroyer STR:17, AGI:-9, DEF:64
For Love of Explosions Stun:34, Crit:34
Beyond Space and Time MAX HP:295, MAX MP:306, Magic Atk:16~16
Time Traveler INT:17, AGI:-16, Light Def:6%
For Love of Nature Light Def:-1%, Dark Resist:6%, MAX HP:306
Environment Friendly Light Atk:5%, Dark Atk:-1%
Golem Destroyer VIT:15, STR:15, AGI:15
Iron Defense DEF:87, M.DEF:87, Delay Resist:40
Pirate King Wannabe Phys Atk:21~21, Magic Atk:21~21, DEF:-68, M.DEF:-68
Straw Hat Delay:33, Delay Resist:40, Stun Resist:13
Despot M.DEF:68, Magic Atk:20~20, Crit Resist:51, Delay Resist:9
Super Villain STR:13, Crit:64, Delay Resist:33
Ghost Whisperer INT:17, M.DEF:92, Delay Resist:-51
Twilight Years Phys Atk:-3~-3, DEF:92, M.DEF:92
Sole Wolf MAX HP:375, AGI:22, VIT:26, INT:26
F4 VIT:16, INT:17, Phys Atk:27~27, Magic Atk:27~27
Punching Bag Resilience:10
Not a Fighter Resilience:20
Brawler Lv. 2 STR:12, Stun:49
Demon Lv. 2 Magic Atk:17~17, M.DEF:86
Gust Lv. 1 AGI:16, Crit:55
Overlord STR:22, AGI:22, INT:22, Phys Atk:27~27, Magic Atk:27~27, MP Recovery :10
Manticore Killer DEF:86, M.DEF:86, VIT:17
Returned Immortals VIT:18, INT:18, Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24, MP Recovery :7
Trio STR:19, INT:19, AGI:21, Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24
Doesn't know how to give up Light Atk:5%, DEF:86, M.DEF:86, Dark Resist:5%, VIT:17
Cool STR:19, INT:20, AGI:19, VIT:20, MP Recovery :7
Faster than the wind Dark Atk:1%, AGI:21, INT:22, Crit:87, Stun Resist:-17
Perpetual Failure VIT:7
Still just a rookie INT:7, VIT:7, DEF:27
Totally deluded MAX HP:58, VIT:8, Phys Atk:7~7
Delicious Crit:48, DEF:53, Phys Atk:9~11
One who overcame difficulty INT:12, VIT:12, Phys Atk:12~12, Magic Atk:12~12
Beyond the atmosphere DEF:61, M.DEF:61, Phys Atk:21~21, Magic Atk:21~21, MAX MP:341
Overflowing with will VIT:10, INT:10, MAX HP:657, MAX MP:602, Fire Resist:8%
The best STR:19, AGI:19, INT:19, Phys Atk:21~21, Magic Atk:21~21, MP Recovery :7
Persistent STR:21, AGI:21, INT:21, VIT:21, Phys Atk:23~23, Magic Atk:23~23, MP Recovery :10
Hell Survivor STR:22, AGI:22, INT:22, VIT:22, Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24, MP Recovery :12
Lord of Phantoms STR:24, AGI:24, INT:24, VIT:24, Phys Atk:27~27, Magic Atk:27~27, MP Recovery :15
Endless Challenge STR:8, AGI:8, INT:8, VIT:8
Expert in dodging STR:9, INT:9, VIT:9
Angry Phys Atk:19~19, AGI:7, Crit:36
Full of sympathy Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24, STR:7, AGI:7
Speed Mania Dark Atk:2%, AGI:24, INT:26, Crit:87, Stun Resist:-17
Beautiful VIT:19, INT:19, Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24, MP Recovery :8
Elegant nobility STR:20, INT:20, AGI:21, Phys Atk:24~24, Magic Atk:24~24
Provoking Light Atk:6%, DEF:86, M.DEF:86, Dark Resist:5%, VIT:17
Enraged STR:21, INT:21, AGI:21, VIT:21, Crit:87, MP Recovery :9
One who rules the light Light Def:5%, STR:24, AGI:22, INT:21, VIT:22, Crit:100
One who grew to be an expert MAX HP:274, MAX MP:274, Phys Atk:25~25, Magic Atk:25~25, MP Recovery :8
Fearless brothers MAX HP:345, MAX MP:334, Phys Atk:25~25, Magic Atk:25~25, MP Recovery :10
Renowned MAX HP:380, AGI:27, INT:26, Crit:96, Stun:90
Novice Horse Tamer
Horse Riding
Knight on a White Horse
Close friend of the horse lady
Big Game Hunter STR:6, AGI:6, VIT:6, Phys Atk:6~6, DEF:78
Rodeo Star AGI:4, Phys Atk:4~4, INT:3
Anyone can do it DEF:49, AGI:3, INT:-1, VIT:5, Crit:24
Mino Trio STR:3, AGI:2, INT:2, Delay Resist:13
Mino Feeding STR:3, AGI:3, INT:-1, VIT:5
The Lone Ranger Phys Atk:5~5, Magic Atk:3~3, INT:4, VIT:5
Ultimate Pacifist INT:7, M.DEF:43, Phys Atk:-3~-3
Beacon Lighter STR:4, AGI:4, INT:4, VIT:4
Irrigation +15 VIT:5
Dragon Knight MAX HP:300, MAX MP:300, STR:5, AGI:5, INT:5, VIT:5
Dragon Knight Trainee MAX HP:200, MAX MP:200, STR:3, AGI:3, INT:3, VIT:3

*Based on the CN version and NA CBT version.

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