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This will primarily be a PVE build, as I feel bowmasters don't really fare well in the regular 1v1/ small group pvp. They do, however, do pretty well in group and "protect the leader" mode. More about that later.
Another thing to note, this will be for more advanced players, as it is more of a guide than a job introduction, meaning I won't be rewriting what the skill simulator tells you or take time to explain why I add some of the magic skills.

Skill build

Alternate names for skills

The names of the skills may sound kinda weird to you since I'm writing them as how I translate them in my head.  (And my Chinese is pretty darn bad)

Twin shot=Double shot
Focus shot=Extension Arrow
Homing arrow= Guided arrow
Spiritual exile=Spirit excellation
Precision aiming=Sylph's aid
Fury shot=Ankle shot
Rapid chain shot/Revolutionary arrow=Pinpoint shot/Revolutionary Ballista

Justifications and other stuff:

© next to a skill means a crest is recommended for it. No, I'm not trying to copyright skills that aren't mine (≧ロ≦)

Red= Active skill, Blue= Passive.

©Twin shot:You'll probably be using this skill really often since it has the lowest cooldown of all offensive BM skills, 4.5 seconds (ʘoʘ)
*Although the extra 2m range it gives may seem like nothing, it's actually pretty darn good.
Verdict:Highly recommended. I won't call many things essential since it's all down to playstyle.
Crest:Damage up crest.

Multi shot:
Deals great damage at close range, not so much at long range. Pretty long cooldown on it, but it's instant cast and makes many things flinch.

Verdict: Good stuff. The short range isn't really a problem at nests since you have to be playing at short range to dodge most attacks.
*If the cap is 24 you >may< want to get a plate for this but I don't really recommend it in any other situation.

Piercing shot:In my eyes, this skill is essentially an instant third shot with a longbow. Pretty darn crappy if you ask me.

Verdict:Get it to 5 just to unlock charged shot.

Magic arrow:
Very, very slow. Good for hitting those sleepy wall campers in pvp, not much else.
Verdict:Get it to level 3 to unlock focus shot.

Tumble,emergency tumble and aerial evasion:
These will save your ass very often in both PVP and PVE.
Verdict:I highly recommend maxing them unless you feel that you're really 1337 and don't get hit at all.

Eagle Eye:
This game is stupidly gear-oriented, so skills like these become useless later on.

Verdict:Get this if you can't afford super 1337 gear, or there isn't any good gear on the server 囧                                                

This one is purely preference, I get it because I still enjoy the occassional PVP and this really makes things a whole lot better. Also useful in PVE.

Verdict: Up to you. You have to sacrifice a level of twin shot and something else for this though, but it's not so bad since the % damage scaling on twin shot only goes up 1% every 2 levels, so leaving it at 16 is ok.

Charged shot:Very nice damage, large AOE, decent casting time with the EX skill.
Have I mentioned how sexy it looks yet?

Verdict:GET IT.

Crest:Damage up if you have the EX skill. Otherwise, animation decrease.

Aerial chain shot:
Useful for extending your airtime, allowing you to have an easy life dodging bosses like the manticore lord.Doesn't do much damage though, and can make people rage at you when you make things fly all over the place.

Verdict:You have to get it to level 4 to continue anyway so just get it.

Siege stance:
You basically become a human ballista for 13s. Useful for soloing.

Verdict: Just get it to 3 and keep it there.

Arrow shower:
Your main burst damage and aoe trash clearer.

Verdict:Although it's a good skill, I find the scaling pretty darn shitty so I just leave it at level 3.

Focus shot:
Pretty good damage at bosses if you can shoot it straight into their face.

Verdict:Just get it to 1 to unlock the next skill in the magic tree.

Rapid shot:
Don't really like this.

Verdict:Leave at 4 to unlock the next skill.

Swift shot:
Shoots 6 arrows, 1 in each direction including diagonals.Gives you temporary invincibility at the start if I'm not wrong, which lets you break free if you're getting chained in PVP or (hopefully not) PVE.

Verdict:Just a prerequisite for homing shot.

©Homing arrow:Good for kiting.Pretty nice single target damage, goes for the target your crosshair is locked on if the range is within the "lock on range" of homing arrow.
Very, very annoying if used right in the "protect the leader" mode for pvp, because it's so good at sniping runners.

Verdict:I add it to the level I did even though it's a magic skill because it does good damage.

Crest:I recommend a damage up crest on this one.

Bull's eye:
Used to be really good, now it kinda sucks.... (Seriously, it used to decrease ranged defense by like 45% at level 1, compared to 15% now LOL)
Exaggerations aside, it's still decent but there is better stuff to get.

Verdict:You can get it if you want but I don't advise it.

Spiritual exile:
Increases Agi and Int for a fixed duration. Pretty good stuff.

Verdict: I only add it to 5 because the scaling drops after that, and it's not all that important since the 50A bishop set doesn't give much agi, and I'm too poor/nooby to get sea dragon stuff, which cost like 1-5W J on my server.

Precision aiming:
Increases the range of your attacks for 60s. Not very useful since you want to be near most bosses to dodge them.

Verdict:PVP skill, don't bother.

Feint shot:
Just a prerequisite for Triangle shot, nothing more.

Triangle shot:
Invincibility? Yes please.
Ok, for those who don't know, you gain temporary invincibility mid-flight when you use this skill, similar to that of the roll in monster hunter for those who have played the series.
This means it can be used to dodge almost everything in this game with good timing.

©Fury shot:Excellent damage, decently short CD and binds on top of all that. Pretty decent casting time too.

Verdict: Yes please.

Crest:Damage up crest.CD decrease isn't really very noticeable except in PVP.

Stunning shot:
Mainly a PVP skill, never seen it stun a boss in my life.


Rapid chain shot/Revolutionary arrow:
Get Rapid chain shot since we're going physical damage.

Ambush point:
Summons a big flower that acts as your personal, exploding paladin.

Verdict:Worth getting.

Max Hp:
No need to add this if your gear gives you 5W or more HP.

Verdict:Add at your own will though.

Max MP and MP regen:
I recommend getting at least 1 level in the MP regen skill to cover for the MP drain, critical break.Once again, you can skip this if you have insanely good gear.

Longbow mastery/Crossbow mastery:
Free range? Free damage? Get the one you're using.There is just no real reason not to add this.

Critical break:
I get only 1 level since level 2 only increases the chance of it activating by 3%, may add it more when the level cap goes up.

Charged shot EX:
Sexy, sexy skill. Get it or regret.

Crest discussion
Ankle shot vs Multi shot:

Ankle shot is essentially multi shot, but with a lower cooldown and higher damage.
Take a look at these stats.
Multi shot @lvl 1: Shoots 7 arrows, dealing 30%+ 16Physdmg, 28 second cooldown.
That's 210% Pdmg +112 damage assuming all arrows hit and there are no crits.

Now, Ankle shot @ lvl 1.
Shoots 3 arrows, each dealing 149%+238 Pdmg, 18 second cooldown.
Also snares enemies for 3.5s if you hit them.
That's 447% Pdmg + 714 damage assuming all arrows hit and there are no crits.

Which is why we take ankle shot over multi shot.

Charged arrow crest is mandatory imo, get one of the two options no matter what.

Twin shot damage crest since you'll be spamming it like crazy.

Fury shot/Homing arrow vs Arrow rain/Rapid chain shot:
I feel that arrow rain and rapid chain shot can be very difficult to use at most nest bosses due to the insanely long casting time which will get you killed very often, so I recommend these over arrow rain crests as you'll be using these most of the time.

So the 4 crests I use are:
Fury shot (Damage up)
Twin shot (Damage up)
Charged shot (Damage up)
Homing arrow (Damage up)

Feel free to customise though, crests are mainly preference except charged shot.

Work in progress: Arrow shower mechanics

This section is aimed at any more advanced bowmasters trying to maximize their dps.

I call this a work in progress because there arrow shower has some weird interactions with walls that allow you to make the arrows travel in a downward arc, making nearly all the arrows hit the boss instead of the usual 1/2 or 1/3 of them.
I'm still testing it out, the only place where I have been able to make this happen is the dark lair and the envy nightmare, and will update as I go along.
If you have any info about this, feel free to share it with us ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

Weird terms:
W=万=Wan=10k, so 5W = 50k
Thanks to:
Xian for confirming the targetting mechanics of homing arrow.

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