Dragon Nest CN Desert Dragon Guide

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After clearing the 1st stage, you can proceed to the large area of the map, where you can ride mount. The oasis in the middle of the map can heal Hp/Mp.

There are a total of 5 bosses which guard the seal to the entrance of the dragon.

The merchant NPC near the oasis will ask you to find 5 of his bottles (which is likely dropped from the 5 bosses?)

There will be additional rewards if you killed all the 5 bosses.

You can clear the 4 bosses (except golem) in any order you want.

The golem so far cannot be challenged at all. It is speculated that it can only be challenged after you defeat the 4 bosses.

Desert Dragon Zakad

Dragon Battle Phase 1 (Invincible - HPx20)

More Video on phase 1:

The dragon is invincible at the start of the battle and protecte by 4 Eyes of Life at the North, South, East an West of the map. The party is required to destroy these eyes before attempting to deal damage to the dragon itself.

Each eye has limited AOE and can only attack targets within a quarter circle (see the blue AOE below). The eye will not attack unless it is being attacked by the party. Upon being attacked, the eye will "stop functioning" and will start attacking you. It will not be able to provide u with protection buff during Life explosion when it "stops functiong". Therefore, it is recommended that you only attack ONE eye at at time, say in a clock-wise direction as shown in the figure below.

Eye of Life Skills
Ring of Life: Summon a ring of life on a random party member. The marked member will have a glowing ball above his head. It will not dmg the targeted person but will deal dmg to other party members who stay inside the ring (similar to Poison Ring of monta in SDN). The ring of life will only target members who have attacked it.

Laser Beams: Shoot multiple laser beams in either one of the three directions randomly (see figure below , orange color aoe). You will never get hit by the laser if you stand at the area in between these 3 directions (purple circle) or out of the quarter circle aoe.

Trailing Explosion: The eye glows purple twice and create a purple spot on the ground which trail a party member and explode 3 times. Float if hit. Keep moving to avoid being damaged.

Life Explosion: It will cast this each time one of the eye is destroyed. All party members are required to move to one of the undestroyed eye to avoid being damage by this.

The 3 basic skills of eye of life are shown clearly in the video below:

The eye of life is immune to ice stacking.

During this phase, the dragon will attempt to attack the party members with claw swipe and smack only. The paladin should provoke it and stand at the head of the dragon to prevent the dragon from attacking the other party members.

Desert Dragon Basic Skills
Claw Swipe: Can blocked with shield block, but it will clear shield block buff. ~80k per hit.

Smack: Raise one of its fore arm high and smack on the ground. Can be blocked with shield block. ~80k per hit.

Split into 3 teams:
- team 1: provoke the dragon; assign a healer to heal the provoker who can be either a paladin or a merc with taunting howl
- team 2: assign 2 damage dealer to attack the eye (one at at time). The 2 person should stand apart at the 2 laser blind spot. Since they are apart, the ring of life will not hit either one of them even when one of them is marked. The reason why only 2 members are assigned to damage the eye is to avoid the possibility of getting wiped by Ring of Life.
- team 3: stand outside of the blue quarter circle and out of the range of the eye. This team basically do nothing but buff/heal the 2 damage dealer. Remember that Rircle of Life will NOT target anyone who has not hit the eye and the other eyes will NOT attack unless you attack it first.

Take note that all the 3 teams need to run to a functioning Eye of Life when one of the eye get destroyed to evade the Life Explosion.

This is a very conservative strategy; it will take some times to destroy all the 4 eyes since only 2 members (team 2) are dealing damage to the eye.

Dragon Battle Phase 2 (HPx20 - x18.2)

After breaking all the 4 eye of life, the invincibility of the dragon is dispelled and the real dragon battle starts. The dragon gains afew new skills at phase 2, listed below. Take note that all skills kill the relics of priest and Alfredo instantly. The only exception is mechaduck if you manage to throw her BENEATH the dragon; the ducks will be safe from most of the dragon's attack right under it.

The MT should stand slightly to the left while the rest of the party should stand at the right of the map (near dragon's left claw), see Figure below. The reason is to force the dragon to use its right claw ONLY to smack and swipe. These 2 skills are cast very frequently at this phase. By forcing the dragon to use only the right claw, the dps and the relics will be safe when they are behind left claw.

New Boss Skills in Phase 2

other video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOp8h4INlpk&

Flying Stomp: Fly up and perform a stomp after 3sec. Can be blocked with shield block.

Sand Pit: The dragon curls its body upward slightly and beats its wing repeatly. Its body is surrounded by golden sand. Summon a sandpit at a random location which will suck players into it. The ground will be darkened before the pit appears. It is quite similar to the sandpit hell of the sandworm, with a much weaker suction.

Tail Spike: Lower its body slightly and raise his tail high up. Shoot a few tail spike towards al targets. Induce a debuff which prevent HP healing and reduce att & def. There will be marking on the floor before the impact of the tail spike. Simply move away to evade.

Golden Wave Spike: Golden waves radiates from the 2 front or hind legs of the dragon, with golden sand spiraling around its legs. After 0.5sec, it raises both its front or hind legs and stomps. The stomp will float you if you are standing within the golden waves AOE. It will also generate protruding ground spikes beneath all targets and float them. Very fast casting time. Once you see the golden waves on the ground, jump immediately and then blink sideways to get out of the AOE to avoid the protruding spikes. If you are floated by the stomp, use aerial evasion to avoid being hit again by the protruding spikes. Can be blocked with shield block.

Flame Prison: Raise its glowing right arm and smacks the ground, followed immediately by its left arm smacking the ground. Large tower's like structures are formed in front of the dragon to trap any members in the front quarter of the map (see green AOE in figure below). After that, the dragon roars as many markings appear on trapped area randomly and explode shortly after that. Deal ~200k dmg to targets and induce burn status, 30k per tick (total 10 ticks). Even if you are trapped, you can evade this easily by standing at the sourthern edge of the map. If you manage to get out, it is a good time to deal dps.

Charged Tail Swipe: The tail will glow red for this skill. Its tail moves from the west (see Red AOE and arrow 1) all the way to the east and back to the middle (see Blue AOE and arrow 2). Very large AOE (hit all the way from to the front) and very high damage. Induce a debuff which prevent HP healing (duration 40sec). The tail swipe is the reason why it is not a good idea to stand at the rear end during the dragon battle (unlike other dragon battles)

The best place for the party to stand is to the south-east of the map (see orange circle below). When the party see the tail move to the west (sign for an imminent charged tail swipe), immediately move to avoid the 2nd hit of (blue AOE) of the tail swipe. When the Flame Prison is casted, move to avoid being trapped by the tower.

Dive: Cast from HPx19 onwards. Fly up and dive linearly across the field. Very fast casting. The dive direction is not the same as the direction of his head before it flies. The dive direction is approximately 30 degree counter-clockwise from his original facing direction. For example, if the dragon is facing 6 o'clock before it flies, then it will dives in the 4 o'clock direction. Move to the left/right edge (relative to the dragon) to avoid this.

The casting motion is quite similar to flying stomp; the only difference is that the dive is much faster than stomp (which happens 3sec after it flies). Therefore, whenever it flies up just move to the left/right edge regardless whether it is dive or fly. If it never dives down after 1sec, then aim for the sky and get ready to jump for the stomp.

Dragon Battle Phase 3 (HPx18.2 - x15.2)

New Boss Skills in Phase 3

Sand Breath: The dragon will raise its head momentarily before using sand breath. Fan-shaped frontal AOE. It doesn't clear buff. Therefore the damage can be reduced with buff. If the MT provoke it well, it will only be aimed at him. Just steer clear of the front quarter of the dragon to avoid this. Standing near the front claws is safe and a great spot to deal dps during this skill.

Meteor Shower: The dragon will take flight and circle around the edge of the field before summoning the meteor. The skill is quite similar to the ice rain/bomb of sea dragon; the party is supposed to keep running to avoid the meteor. The ground will be marked before the meteor impact (see figure below). Targets' defence and attack will be halfed when hit. It also induces a debuff which negate HP healing on the target. This skill will end with a Dive before the dragon lands.

Eye of Life Activation: Cast from HPx18.2 - x15.2. There will be a message on screen which requires the party to click the 4 eyes of life within 20sec. Just send 4 members to activate them. After activation, the party can deal damage to the dragon freely for ~10sec.

Dragon Battle Phase 4 (HPx15.2 - x11)

The battle is totally changed after reaching HPx14. The dragon submerges into the sand. A message stating that "The dragon starts its assault" will appear on the screen.

New Boss Skills at Phase 4

Tracing Tornado Pit: A random party member will be marked with a Black Eye. A Tracing Pit will appear at the north edge (12 o'clock) of the map and start chasing the marked member. Tornados are spawned along the trail of the moving pit while it chases the marked target.

Summon Boss: After the tracing pit appears, the dragon will summon Dragon Follower Bahama (scorpion) and Dragon Guardian Sphira (manticore).
· Scorpion: claw swipe, tail swipe, spit poison. low damage. each hit 10k-20k.
· Manticore: claw swipe, tail swipe. high damage, each hit 300k-400k.

After a certain time, the tracing pit will disappear and the dragon tail will appear right beside the pit. At that moment, another message will appear on the screen: "The manticore will be exploding in 5sec; destroy the scorpion to generate a protection shield". The 5sec protection shield protects party members from the manticore explosion.

After successfully evading the explosion, the party has 10-12sec to deal damage to the tail before the tail submerges into the sand again. The tracing pit and the 2 mini-bosses will be summoned again; the whole process will repeat itself until the dragon reaches below HPx10.
Basic Strategy:

The member marked with a black eye must run along the edge of the map and lure the tracing pit along the edge such that the spawned tornados will not damage the other party members. However, since there is no way to know in advance who will be actually marked, it is recommeded that all party members should gather at 1 o'clock of the map (since the pit spawns at 12 o'clock) and start running clock-wise.

Once the marked member is identified, he is supposed to keep running along the edge while the other 7 members should lure the 2 bosses to the middle of the map. Paladin provoke the manticore while the others attack the scorpion. Use devastating on the manticore and use miracle relic to prevent being killed by the high damage attack from manticore. Deal damage to the scorpion until it has only 10% hp left and wait for the message of manticore explosion.

Upon seeing the manticore explosion message (after ~40sec, roughly equal to the time required for the marked member to circle the whole area), the marked member should immediately run towards the other party members in the middle. The party only has 5 sec to kill the scorpion to generate the shield to survive the explosion. You are not supposed to kill the scorpion before the manticore explosion message appears because the shield only last for 5sec.

After surviving the explosion, deal damage with the dragon's tail as much as possible. When the tail submerges, move to 1 o'clock of the map immediately and start the whole process again.

Dragon Battle Phase 5 (HPx11 - x9.2)

After taking the HP of the dragon into HPx11, the dragon will rise onto the surface again. The basic dragon skills from Phase 2 and 3 will still be cast. Eye of life will not be used in this phase. In addition, the dragon will cast some new skills, as described below:

New Boss Skills at Phase 5

Sand Bind (~40sec CD): Cast from HPx11 to HPx0. Raise its glowing right claw, smash the ground and bind two party members. After that, the dragon will charge up for 10sec and unleash a sand breath. Similar to sand prison, it is impossible to evade the Sand Bind. It is suggested that all party members should stand together since this skill will only bind EXACTLY two members. When the two members are binded, the other members can immediately save them with high superarmor break skills. After that, quickly move to the side to avoid the sand breath.

See video below for the skill animation:

Blinding Flash: Cast after HPx10. There will be a warning message on screen before he cast this. You are required to turn away from the dragon within 1-2sec or being blinded (white screen) and silenced for 5sec.

Dragon Battle Phase 6 (HPx9.2 - x5)

The new skills are casted in the following order whenever they have finished their CD: sand prison > eye of life > sand bind. After the first eye of life activation at HPx9.2, the dragon will go berserk and its damage increases.

New Boss Skills at Phase 6

Sand Prison (~40sec CD): Cast from HPx9 to HPx0. Raise two of its front legs and stomp. All party members will be trapped by sand prison and a debuff which negate HP healing, reduce attack and defence will be applied. Subsequently, the dragon will follow up with a flying stomp.

Break loose from the sand prison by pressing left and right rapidly; it cannot be cured with relieve or curing relic. Being invincibible or air-borne will not help at all and you will still be trapped by the sand prison. You are required to break loose from the sand prison ASAP and jump to avoid the imminent flying stomp.

Eye of Life Activation (~90sec CD): Cast from HPx9.2 to HPx5. Activate eye of life and become invincible. Send members to deactivate them within 20sec and deal damage to the dragon freely for ~10sec. After the first eye of life activation at HPx9.2, the dragon will go berserk and its damage increases.

Dragon Battle Phase 7 (HPx5 - x0)

Eye of life will not be cast in this phase.

New Boss Skills at Phase 7

Rotating Sand Breath (CD > 60sec): It might not cast this immediately after its CD. The priority of this skill is the lowest among new skills in Phase 5 & 6. The priority of this skill is the same as all the skills before HPx15. For skills with the same priority, a random skill will be cast when all the higher priority skills are in CD. Hence, you will often notice a "delayed" casting of this skill (far beyond its CD).

See video below for an idea of this skill:

Take note that the direction/orientation given in the description below are based on the assumption that the dragon is facing 6 o'clock direction initially before this skill. However, the whole skill description need to be adjusted accordingly based on the initial direction of the dragon.

First the dragon will roar and soar to the sky in a spiral manner. The dragon then flies to the south edge of the map (facing north). After that, many tornados will be spawned on the field. Each tornado has a dark circle at its base. The dragon unleashes its sand breath towards the north of the area (red dashed AOE in the figure below).

After afew seconds, the tornados start moving anti-clockwise. Meanwhile, the dragon flies clockwise, and maintains the sand breath, sweeping the field like the hand of a clock. From the initial 12 o'clock position, the sand breath AOE moves clockwise 450 degree (1.25 rounds of a circle, see black line/arrow in the figure below) and eventually stops at 3 o'clock of the map. After that, the dragon will fly to the middle of the map and unleash a final burst of sand breath. The skill ends as the dragon lands subsequently.

Basic Strategy

To evade this devastating skill, when the dragon flies up, the party should move quickly clockwise to the 11 o'clock position ('Star' position, see figure below, right beside the initial aoe of rotating breath). As the breath starts to rotate, the whole party continues to moves clockwise back to the party usual location (5 o'clock, see figure below). When the dragon finishes the rotation, move towards the outer edge of the map immediately to avoid being blasted by the final burst of sand breath.

A few important points when you are moving
· must keep weapon and run, if you don't have spirit boost; otherwise, you will never make it in time. The flying speed of the dragon is roughly 3 times of your speed.
· do not follow the edge of the map since it is too far and you will never make it in time
· do not get too near to the middle of the map since you might get hit by the sand breath
· move carefully to avoid the dark circle of the moving tornado. The tornado deals very little damage but it will knockback you, and thus slow you down.

Take note that the sand breath only hits half of the circular area, which is further from the dragon. In other words, at any time during the dragon's circular flight, you will not get hit if you are near to the dragon.

Full Video Dragon Battle (with GM Gear in CDN test server)

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqZ03om52A8
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8JQPlkddiI
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljJBmB0y_VA

Other video:


For Desert Dragon Nest Stage 1 Guide: Desert Dragon Nest Information and Videos

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